Choosing a fragrance for yourself - or someone else - can be tricky. Use our fragrance finder to find the perfect perfume – fresh, floral or floriental, discover a world of scents from The Body Shop. We’ve used 100% non-destructive Headspace technology to replicate the scent of some flowers without threatening their future existence, so you can smell great and shop guilt-free.


Floral Fragrances

Ultra-feminine and instantly-recognisable, florals are the most versatile fragrance family and can range from delicate singular notes to bold bouquets with a more indulgent feel. Have a look below to find your light, youthful summer eau de toilette, or a fuller scent with sophisticated sensuality.


Feminine floral notes blended with sweet and irresistibly juicy accords. TRY THESE FRAGRANCES: Japanese Cherry Blossom or Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss


Sensual velvety musk, warm spice and amber notes underpin the fresh innocence of floral elements such as rose, jasmine sambac and the Polynesian kahaia flower. TRY THESE FRAGRANCES: White Musk®


As the name suggests, Florientals combine the sweet seductive properties of flowers such as orange blossom and jasmine, with the hallmark sensual spices, warm wood and resins of the Oriental family to create lighter, more versatile fragrances. TRY THESE FRAGRANCES: Indian Night Jasmine


Powerful earth elements such as cedarwood and liquorice root stimulate the senses to create an air of mystery. TRY THESE FRAGRANCES: Black Musk


Floral Fragrances

Creative Perfumer / President of the British Society of Perfumers

"Our sense of smell is our sensory gatekeeper and allows us to relive some of our most lucid memories and emotions – whether we want to or not!"

”Fragrance, when we find one we love is like making a new friend. It’s a wonderful experience because it’s an extension of who we are. A reflection of the wearer."

An easy way to start seeking the perfect fragrance is to think about what you enjoy the odour of. Don’t think about perfumes yet, recall some enjoyable experiences like diving into the sea, walking in a forest. What about fruits you like to eat? Does the smell of fresh flowers fill you with joy? What colours do you surround yourself with? What about textures? All of this information helps us to build your scent personality."

"Fragrance has no rules, you can wear what you like, where you like and how you like!”