Choose Your
Lipstick Shade


At the end of the day, what you like is what’s important so even though this guide might help you to start selecting your perfect lipstick, only you will know when you’ve found the right shade. Or, the right shades – no one ever said you had to stop at just one.

So … where to start? Well, whether you’re hunting down the perfect lipstick for dark skin or the best shades for fair skin, step one is to figure out whether your skin undertone is warm, cool or neutral. The simplest way to do this is to check the colour of the veins on the inside of your wrist. Blue means cool, green means warm and if you can’t really tell, you’re probably neutral. This information, together with the colour of your skin will help you find your perfect lipstick shade.


Too cool for School

If your skin undertone is cool – and don’t forget, this can apply to dark skin too – you’ll find that lipstick colours with purple or blue shades will work best. So with red, for example you should avoid anything at the orange end of the scale and head instead for those with a deeper, more bluish tone.

Warm is Wonderful

The warmer the undertone, the bolder you can be, with tones of orange the order of the day. If your skin is light or fair you could experiment with peach while medium skin is made for copper and bronze and darker skin will look amazing complemented with the boldest of orange.

Neutral? Go Nuts!

With neutral undertones there is pretty much nothing you can’t wear so the choice is all yours. Which actually makes it harder on you in some ways…

Top Tips


The best way to see if you like a lipstick shade is to try it but If you don't want to apply the tester lipstick to your mouth, test it on the pads of your fingertips instead as these are closer in colour to your lips than your wrist or the side of your hand.


Keep it simple, sweetie … for everyday wear you can’t go wrong with a lipstick shade that is one to two shades deeper than your natural lip colour. To figure this out just apply lipstick to your bottom lip – if the shade is completely different to the natural shade of your top lip you need to try a different one.


Some days were made for red lipstick so make sure you have the perfect shade of red in your armoury. Again, you should use your skin tone and complexion as a guide - but if the shade you love breaks the rules, it means they were meant to be broken.


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