Gym Skincare


There’s nothing like working up a sweat. Your head feels clearer, your body feels fitter and there’s a satisfying sense that you’ve achieved something.

The gym is great for your body and mind, but it can expose your skin to blemish-causing bacteria that can cause breakouts. With a little help from our facialist and body care expert, Vanda, Serrador, we’ve put together a gym time skincare routine to keep your skin clear and blemish-free while you work out.

“Blemish prone skins tend to produce more oil than other skin types, and therefore it also overheats and perspires more. This can lead to even more oil and the build-up of toxins on the surface of the skin.” – Vanda Serrador, Facialist and Body Care Expert for The Body Shop


1. Before exercise, remove any make-up that could clog your pores, like foundation.
2. Use a purifying toner after cleansing. Your skin needs to be fresh and clean and pores free to breathe.

1. After exercise, cleanse and tone again and apply a lightweight lotion. Don’t double cleanse after exercise.
2. Apply a purifying face mask once a week.
3. Use a clean towel for your face.
4. Use a purifying body wash or body scrub , and a lightweight body moisturiser to rehydrate skin.

Gym bag skincare: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash , Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner and Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion .

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1. While pool water isn’t necessarily dirty, it can be highly irritating and aggressive to blemish-prone skin.

2. After swimming, do not double cleanse – it can be too harsh for the skin after being in the pool.

3. Use a gentle face wash and focus on hydration after your swim. Apply a hydrating, soothing gel or lotion to your body, too.

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