Community Trade
Brazil Nut Oil
From Peru


Mighty Brazil nuts are packed with nutrients known to improve the health of your skin and hair. So naturally, we work with the best in the business to ensure our products are enriched with top-quality Brazil nut oil. We work with Candela and Castañero nut collectors who sustainably gather Brazil nuts from the forest floor in Peru to create our moisturising Brazil nut oil. Our trade relationship helps to protect the Madre de Dios Amazon rainforest.

Brazil Nut Oil

Enrich Our Products

Producing skin-smoothing brazil nut oil is quite a journey! Castañero nut collectors gather wild nuts which then travel by riverboats to reach a processing plant. The nuts are then hand-cracked, cold-pressed and filtered to create high quality oil.

Enrich Our People

We source brazil nut oil from the Candela not-for-profit Community Trade organisation. Founded in 1989, it provides employment for over 100 women. Candela aims to empower small producers and communities, strengthen organisations and increase their capacity to improve living standards and conserve the biodiversity of the region.

Enrich Our Planet

Brazil nut trees only bear fruit in untouched rainforest. Our demand for this rich oil provides an environmentally friendly alternative source of income to destructive practices like ‘slash-and-burn’ logging. Together we’ve helped to protect over 8,000 hectares of Amazonian rainforest!