Community Trade
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
From Samoa


In the beautiful tropics of Samoa, coconuts are hand-gathered, hand-cracked and pressed to release the pure coconut oil used to enrich our products. We work with the wonderful Women in Business Development Inc (WIBDI), who help local families to generate an income from their abundant natural resources. Involving the whole family and allowing everyone to benefit follows the ethos of Fa’a Samoa, ‘the Samoan Way’.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Enrich Our Products

Coconut oil has been used on skin and hair for thousands of years, known and loved as a multi-purpose, moisture-rich wonder ingredient. Our oil is cold-pressed from organic nuts selected for their ‘good smile’, an indication of quality.

Enrich Our People

WIBDI was originally created to give women an opportunity to work and create a sustainable way of life for their families. They’ve gained global recognition and awards for their work.

Enrich Our Planet

Our coconuts are grown and wild-harvested in Samoa, where farmers extract our much-loved organic virgin coconut oil without using any chemicals.