Community Trade
Marula Oil
From Namibia


Our skin-smoothing marula oil is sourced from Ondangwa in Namibia. May is marula harvest time when our Community Trade supplier, Eudafano Women’s Co-operative are busy collecting ripe, juicy fruits that have fallen from the wild marula trees. They separate the fruit from the stone, and dry in the sun before the stones are cracked open and taken to be cold-pressed. Our trade has helped these women to gain financial independence and is empowering the community to sustainably harvest marula fruit and protect the trees for the future.

Marula Oil

Enrich Our Products

A beauty secret for generations, Namibian women use marula oil to keep their skin smooth and hydrated. We love to use this rich beauty ingredient in everything from lipsticks to body oils.

Enrich Our People

We’re proud that our trade has helped Namibian women raise the funds to build their own factory, as well as invest in livestock and pay school fees for their children. Some of the women tell us that the co-operative’s work has brought “a real friendship and sense of community”.

Enrich Our Planet

The marula tree is the spiritual heart of rural village life in Ovamboland, Namibia. Relying on the marula tree helps protect the land from deforestation for cattle ranching and encourages communities to grow new seedlings, protecting the trees for future generations.