Community Trade
Organic Olive Oil
From Italy


Olive oil is the “liquid gold” of the Mediterranean and has been used for thousands of years in cosmetics thanks to its softening, restoring properties. Our high-quality organic olive oil comes from the rolling hills of the Cilento National Park in Campania, Italy. Olive production in this area dates back to the Middle Ages, when Benedictine monks planted olive groves on the hillsides. The olives are still grown using organic farming methods and carefully cultivated and harvested by hand.

Organic Olive Oil

Enrich Our Products

Unlike mass-produced olives, our olives are carefully cultivated and harvested by hand before being cold-pressed to produce top quality organic olive oil.

Enrich Our People

Our supplier, Nuovo Cilento Cooperative, is having a hugely positive impact on job opportunities in a rural area that risks a high level of unemployment and migration. They are also promoting traditional olive production for younger generations.

Enrich Our Planet

Our organic olive oil is made from an indigenous species of tree only found in the Cilento National Park. No pesticides are used and the olive husks are reused as organic fertilizer to return nutrients to the soil.