Community Trade
Organic Sugar Cane
From Paraguay


Aside from being the key ingredient in our favourite sweet treats, sugar is also one of nature’s best-kept beauty secrets. We source our Community Trade organic cane sugar from a region of the world fondly known as the world's ‘Cradle of Organic Sugar’, where local women use sugar to keep their hands soft as a part of their cleansing routine. Our trade gives vital employment and stability to people living in rural communities in Paraguay. On average a farmer can cut 1,000 kilos of cane a day, each one reaching heights of 3 metres.

Organic Sugar Cane

Enrich Our Products

Farmers hand-harvest and grind the cane to release the juice, which is boiled, reduced to syrup, then crystallised and sieved to produce the high-quality sugar for our products.

Enrich Our People

Montillo cooperative was formed in 1995 by 37 small-scale farmers and has now grown to over 400 members. By creating much-needed employment in rural areas, our trade encourages local people to stay in the community and keep traditions alive.

Enrich Our Planet

The fast-growing cane is grown organically. Harvesting the cane by hand, as well as using the leaves as fertiliser rather than harmful chemicals, helps to protect the local wildlife.