Community Trade
Peppermint Essential Oil
From the UK


Did you know that peppermint oil contains natural menthol? When applied, it instantly creates a cooling sensation while helping to refresh skin. Our Community Trade peppermint oil comes from farms in Norfolk and is made with such love and care that we can trace every step of production from plant to product. By sourcing our refreshing peppermint oil from Norfolk Essential Oils, we’re supporting traditional family farms.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Enrich Our Products

Norfolk Essential Oils (NEO) grows fresh peppermint leaves and harvest just before the plants flower in the summer months. The leaves are steam-distilled to release their precious oil, which is captured ready to use in our products.

Enrich Our People

Over the last 20 years, many small farms in the UK have been sold to industrial-scale agribusiness. By selling essential oils like peppermint oil, Norfolk Essential Oils has enabled nine family farms to remain in business.

Enrich Our Planet

Small farms are important for maintaining our landscape with different crops. Farmers at Norfolk Essential Oils act as stewards for the environment and the farms preserve over 3,000 acres of British landscape.