Community Trade
Sesame Oil
From Nicaragua


Did you know that sesame oil was our first Community Trade ingredient? Treasured by the women of ancient Babylon as a beauty secret, the silky sesame seed oil in our products is cultivated in Achuapa, a community nestled in the hills of northern Nicaragua, by the Juan Francisco Paz Silva Cooperative (JFPS). Our sesame seeds are sown and harvested by hand, then carefully pressed and filtered to produce the rich high-quality oil we use in our products.

Sesame Oil

Enrich Our Products

Once the sesame seeds have been expertly milled, the oil is left to settle for 48 hours before it’s filtered, removing any impurities to produce a moisturising oil that’s perfect for our products.

Enrich Our People

Over the past 20 years the cooperative has built eight schools, supported environmental education, and funded 30 water projects bringing clean drinking water to over 5,000 people.

Enrich Our Planet

Our trade has helped the farmers protect the local environment by funding community projects to train members in organic farming and implementing water-saving farming methods.