Community Trade
Shea Butter
From Ghana


Our founder Anita Roddick placed our first Community Trade shea butter order way back in 1994 after a visit to Ghana. She discovered the amazing, natural moisturising properties of shea butter and the inspiring women who produce it. 500 women from Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association produce our rich shea butter using traditional handcraft techniques in a lengthy 18-stage process handed down through generations. In addition to paying a fair price, we pay a premium for the women to invest in community projects. We are also founding members of the Global Shea Alliance, involving the whole industry in sustainability discussions.

Shea Butter

Enrich Our Products

Shea butter is used by Ghanaian women to help protect their skin from dry Saharan desert winds. The intense moisturising properties lie in its rich texture and high fat content. The butter of 28 shea nuts goes into each 200ml Shea Body Butter!

Enrich Our People

Over 45,000 people benefit annually from the community investments that Tungteiya’s social fund, NOGCAF, has made – something we’re really proud to be involved with. This includes healthcare, sanitation, water and education projects which benefit the wider community.

Enrich Our Planet

Freshly fallen shea fruits are sustainably harvested from the ground. The women also plant some of the nuts to reseed and grow trees for future generations.