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Send a card and buy a bag to help caged hens this Easter

There’s no better time to be reminded of hens and eggs than at Easter. For us Kiwis it’s often a time to take a break too, but sadly, it’s no holiday for hens forced to live in a cage. This Easter SAFE is collaborating with The Body Shop, who are inviting the public to spare a thought and a word, for caged hens in store, by sending a “Wish I wasn’t here” holiday postcard message to Countdown, asking them to phase out the sale of cage eggs.

We Kiwis really love our animals and 7 out of 10 of us object to cage egg production. Large supermarkets Like Countdown are in a position to help improve animal welfare on a big scale. They are major purchasers of animal products and have the ability to put in place standards of care in their supply chain if they choose to. Countdown is owned by Woolworths Australia who have already committed to stop selling cage eggs there by 2018. So we say Come on Countdown don’t be a let down.


If you can’t make it in store to write a post card, be sure to send Countdown an e card instead

Or leave a comment on their Facebook page

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You can also buy a reusable shopping bag on line to help caged hens
and let other shoppers know you care about hens




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