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Let The Chickens Out!

Caged hens across New Zealand are imprisoned in small, cramped, filthy cages. They’re unable to walk, stretch their wings, scratch or dust bathe, and forced to stand on a sloping mesh floor, causing pain and injury. Many have the end of their sensitive beak trimmed in order to prevent aggression and cannibalism in the crowded cages.

SAFE Spot the Difference

Can you imagine if this was your life?

Your local branch of The Body Shop invites you to do just that!... to grab someone to join you in the “cage” – you’ll soon understand! Within this small, crowded space there is little you can do. Now imagine that was it for your whole life.

In December 2012 the Government released a new welfare code for layer hens that bans the standard battery cage, yet allows a new kind of battery cage; the colony cage. SAFE wants the chickens out of all cages and is calling on consumers to avoid buying caged eggs!

From 30th March – 19th April 2015 The Body Shop® will be encouraging customers in-store to step inside the “cage” and get a glimpse of what life is like for a caged hen, and pledge to strike them from your shopping list. To find out more about what you can do, head on over to SAFE’s website and grab one of our bags on sale at The Body Shop®!

And please, Don’t buy colony or battery caged eggs




30 March - 29 March 2015

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