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Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is dedicated to providing practical, effective programmes to help New Zealanders manage the visible side effects that cancer and its treatment can have on their appearance. Look Good Feel Better classes aim to improve confidence, self-esteem and well –being. They are an opportunity to relax, do something practical, and connect with people who may be experiencing something similar. Their local classes are free, and provide an experience for participants to gain control and normality at a time when treatment may have taken over their lives.

This July, The Body Shop is proud to support Look Good Feel Better during their Feel Better Month, a time where we reach out communities and ask for help. Look Good Feel Better provides over 3000 people facing any type of cancer with the opportunity to experience a local Feel Better Class. You can make a difference this month. Your support this month will help Look Good Feel Better extend these classes in more communities, to more people – helping them face their cancer with more confidence.

How you can help

By texting SMILE to 4462 and donating $3 you will directly support the delivery of local Look Good Feel Better Classes in your community. More than a make-over session – these classes provide women with practical tips that help them to feel more normal at a time that is anything but normal. It helps give them confidence and self-esteem as well as connecting them to other people in their local area who may be experiencing similar things.

To find out more or get involved in Feel Better Month in July, visit us at

Look Good Feel Better