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A Special gift for you to celebrate Christmas

Together with our partner charity SAFE, we would like to share with you a very special gift packed with goodness, compassion and indulgence! SAFE has put together two spectacular and inspirational Christmas menus, that are sure to please your family and guests over the festive season. From smoky tomato soup, to roast squash with hazelnuts and boozey Christmas pudding, we’ve got you covered!


Along with SAFE, we hope to inspire and tempt you to give plant-based eating a try at home with friends and family this Christmas. It’s your big chance to jump in on the growing movement towards healthy, compassionate plant-based eating, that’s now so popular with Kiwis who value both the health of their families and the well-being of animals.

There are many gains to be had from eating plant-based meals that include improved health, a lower environmental footprint and of course a reduced contribution to animal cruelty. Cooking veg meals need not take up too much valuable family time nor stop you treating yourselves! There are so many creative and delicious recipes out there to cover all the bases. Going Veg isn’t about missing out, it’s about adding compassion plus amazing new tastes, flavours and food groups.

Whether you’re keen to incorporate a veg item or two or, you’re ready to take on the entire menu selection, we can guarantee it will be the best gift you can give yourselves, your loved ones and the animals this Christmas. We are really looking forward to trying these recipes out ourselves this Christmas!

Classic Christmas Menu

And for the New Year...

'Turn over a new leaf' and feel great for summer by taking up SAFE’s 30 day Veg challenge. There’s an on-line resource full of tips, recipes and inspirations to guide you through.

For everyday quick and delicious recipes and meal ideas, head on over to SAFE’s website




December 2015

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