Streams Project

Find a project and give it a boost! See how it all adds up to a cleaner New Zealand for all of us.


Million Metres is New Zealand's online crowdfunding platform for stream planting projects.

Using this online tool, the team at Million Metres connects everyday New Zealanders wanting clean rivers and lakes with the projects seeking funds to do the work that will clean up our rivers and lakes.

Million Metres is led by the Sustainable Business Network, in partnership with the Department of Conservation.

Million Metres enables people to fund the planting of the edges of their local river, stream, lake, wetland, or estuary.

Each stream planting project that lists with Million Metres works with a Field Planter, an organisation that has experience and expertise in waterway planting.

Crowdfunding with Million Metres makes each stream planting project part of a much bigger story.

Together with other projects, they become part of our collective story to replant one million metres of New Zealand's waterways. Meaning that together, we are tackling one of New Zealand's most pressing environmental problems - water pollution.

Million Metres has been operational for two years, and in that time, has listed 15 projects around New Zealand, and has crowdfunded over 15,000 metres (15 kilometres) of stream planting. Million Metres projects have planted over 50,000 trees.



We’ve always believed that businesses have responsibilities towards the communities in which they operate. Community problems are our problems and we like to be part of the solution whenever we can. When we moved into our Retail Support Centre ten years ago the stream behind the building was quite degraded but with support from the Wellington Regional Council and hard work from our staff we’ve brought the stream back to life.

The quality of the water in our New Zealand rivers and streams needs to be improved and we’d love for our staff and customers throughout the country to have the opportunity to help achieve this. For this reason, we’re proud and delighted to partner with Million Metres in the quest to replant and reinvigorate one million metres of our waterways.