Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Campeche State, Mexico


Our Community Trade organic aloe vera comes from rich and biodiverse south-east Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula. We work with The Campeche Farmers, who cultivate aloe plants on organically-certified land. They supply The Body Shop with 100% organic, preservative-free concentrated aloe vera for our products.


Campeche State is in the far southeast of Mexico, and forms part of the Yucatan peninsula. It borders Belize and Guatemala, as well as having a long coastline with the Gulf of Mexico. The terrain is relatively flat, but it is rich in biodiversity, with remains of various types of rainforest along the southern borders of the state.


The aloe vera we use comes from the thick, rubbery leaves of the aloe vera plant, an evergreen succulent that thrives in sunny, well-drained soil. Within 6 hours of harvest, our aloe leaves have been packed up and sent to the processing plant, so that the precious aloe gel can be extracted while the leaves are still fresh and juicy.


Our trade is also contributing the development of indigenous female farmers living on the edges of the rainforest, to help them establish and diversify their income from growing aloe. This income will reduce the need for them to chop down trees to sell for timber and clear the land for cattle ranches and large agricultural crops like corn.


Dioscorides, a physician in ancient Greece, believed aloe had soothing properties that could be used as a remedy for various skin ailments.



Campeche farmers


Campeche State, Mexico


Our trade with these smallholder farmers gives us high quality organic aloe vera gel while providing them with a sustainable income.