Your Body Care

Discover the right body care for your skin type, and put together a
skin-loving routine of your favourite body moisturisers.

Lots of us have a skincare routine we stick to every day, but what about our body care? Finding the right routine for your skin type not only gives you glowing, healthy-looking skin. It sets aside some time to spend care and attention on your body. First step: find the right body moisturiser for your skin type.


If your skin doesn't feel dry, and you can use any products without irritation, chances are your skin type is ‘normal’. Lucky you! Normal skin still needs care, so choose your favourite fragrance in a lightweight Body Yogurt or body lotion. Treat your skin to a Body Butter for normal skin weekly, for an indulgent treat.

Want a glow? Go for British Rose Body Lotion - velvety-soft and gorgeously floral, with rose essence. No time to moisturise? Try Body Yogurts - these lightweight gel-creams absorb in seconds for 48hr moisture. Want to really pamper your skin? We love the Satsuma Body Butter, a rich and nourishing texture in a fresh, fruity fragrance.


Dry skin on the body is really common. It often occurs on your knees, elbows and feet, and can feel rough, flaky and tight. Moisturise daily with a fast-absorbing Body Yogurt for a quick hydration boost, topping up with a nourishing Body Butter whenever you have time.

In a hurry? You can apply our Body Yogurts straight onto damp skin, so it’s easier to keep up with moisturising daily. When you have time, treat skin to a generous layer of Body Butter. We love sweet and fruity Strawberry Softening Body Butter. For lighter moisture that still feels luxuriously silky, go for the Moringa Softening Body Milk.


Very dry skin needs plenty of intense hydration, so find a moisturiser you love and commit to it daily! Very dry skin often feels tight, rough and cracked – even itchy or sore. Choose rich, nourishing ranges in your favourite texture – creamy Body Butters or body oils are ideal.

Coconut Milk Body Lotion is a lighter option for a quick fix, while still feeling nourishing and hydrating. For very dry skin, Body Butters are your friend. The indulgently creamy Shea Nourishing Body Butter cocoons your skin in moisture. For a pampering session, our Wild Argan Oil range feels seriously luxurious, enriched with Community Trade argan oil from Morocco.


A lot of things can cause sensitive skin. Sensitivity to temperature and the environment, intolerance to certain ingredients and internal factors like hormones and medication can play a part. Avoid heavily fragranced lotions, and look for ranges developed with sensitive skin in mind. Learn more about sensitive skin from Dr Kim, Dermatologist for The Body Shop.

Almond Milk & Honey is formulated for dry, sensitive skin with a creamy and delicate hypoallergenic fragrance. The Soothing & Restoring Body Butter is perfect for pampering sensitive skin. Don’t neglect sensitive skin if you’re short on time – our Almond Milk Body Yogurt is lightweight and fast absorbing, with a hypoallergenic fragrance. Our Aloe range is fragrance free and alcohol free, helping soothe signs of irritation. Enriched with pure Community Trade aloe vera.